Addressing Common Headaches Around Managing RFIs

During any construction project, RFIs come in all different shapes and sizes — everything from a formal RFI to handwritten notes from the field. With so many different stakeholders using different communication methods, these requests and their resolution become very difficult to track. Join Viewpoint product expert, Derek Wielkopolski to learn how Viewpoint's Team Project […]

Learn About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Qualified Opportunity Zones (“QOZs”)

Created as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Qualified Opportunity Zones were established to spur long-term investment and economic development in underserved census tract areas by providing three key tax incentives: temporary deferral of taxes on capital gains from prior investments, reduction of taxes payable on deferred gains and elimination of […]

Save Time with Simplified Vendor Payments

Managing accounts payable in a construction organization means managing an avalanche of details. Each vendor’s preferred payment method must be captured, and each method, from check to electronic funds transfer to credit card, is processed separately. Additionally, bank information for vendors who prefer EFT must be stored and kept up to date. All these disconnected […]

Approving Invoices on the Go

Managing accounts payable is vital for both controlling project costs and keeping your subcontractors and suppliers happy. But the process of properly coding and routing invoices can be difficult, especially if you’re using a manual workflow to get approvals. How can you avoid falling behind on payments, and the fees that can result, while also […]

Gain Visibility with Business Intelligence

Gaining actionable intelligence from the mountain of data involved with construction projects is difficult. Just pulling information together from many different sources can be burdensome, often requiring many labor hours and pricey custom reports. Then, how do you make sense of your data in ways relevant to you or other members of your project team? […]

Integrating Document and Project Management to Create One System of Record

A huge amount of information is created during a construction project — everything from drawings, models and specifications to contracts, RFIs, invoices and equipment warranties. Often, project and document management systems are disconnected. Using a separate FTP site for document storage not only makes it more difficult for everyone on your project team to find […]

Using Construction Data to Manage Profit Fade

Profit fade is a looming risk on every construction project. But how can you maximize your profit on every job — and eliminate wasteful practices and spending — when expenditures can be difficult to track? Data silos and lack of software integration can be significant challenges to controlling costs and operating more efficient, productive projects. […]

Jobsite of the Future

Date: Tuesday, August 25 Time: 3 p.m. EDT Speaker: Frank Malangone and Eilish Nolen, Oracle Moderator: Matt Abeles, ABC National With technology coming at us on many fronts, how can we actually see and test these technologies in action? The 20,000-square-foot Oracle Construction and Engineering Innovation Lab in Deerfield, Illinois, replicates an actual jobsite and allows visitors to […]

Insights on the Construction Supply Chain

Date: Wednesday, August 26 Time: 3 p.m. EDT Speaker: Joe Fawcett, Southwire; Mike Holland, Marek; Brett McMahon, Miller & Long, Chet McPhatter, Banker Steel Moderator: Mike Bellaman, ABC National A panel of experts from a variety of construction materials segments will discuss current and future issues affecting the supply chain, including product constraints, spikes in pricing and access […]

Streamlining Payables During the Pandemic

Date: Wednesday, September 23 Time: 3 p.m. EDT Speaker: Eric Hoffman and Andrew Schimmel, WEX; Bobby Waldeck, Mastercard Moderator: Greg Sizemore, ABC National Today’s business environment is forcing companies to look for ways to reduce expenses, mitigate risks and drive revenue to their bottom line. The WEX and Mastercard team will discuss how the accounts payable landscape is […]