Dear ABC Central Ohio Member,

I have received several calls during the past 48-hours asking whether Ohio’s Stay at Home Order requires employees to produce “papers” verifying they are employed by a company engaged in Essential Business Activities. I suspect that many have heard of other states with such a requirement, and indeed I have confirmed with ABC Chapter colleagues that they have witnessed or heard of such activity in their locations.

There is no such requirement in Ohio. 

The Ohio Department of Health’s issued guidelines state that “Law enforcement officials will not stop residents who are on their way to or from work…”  The intent of the Ohio Order is for people to exercise common sense and to ask themselves –“Is this trip outside the house necessary?”  People do not have to produce a card to prove it.

From the standpoint of practicality, the number of jobs deemed “essential” by the Ohio Order is so large it would be difficult if not impossible to manage a document requirement for individuals without creating a formal “state issued” identifier, which has not been done. We do not believe the state would create a requirement with no express notice to anyone, and then leave it up to each individual company to create their own card.

Should you or your employees experience a situation where they are being asked by law enforcement to produce proof they work for a business deemed “Essential,” please contact me at bhacker@centralohioabc,org or via telephone at 614-597-3591.


Barton Hacker