Yesterday, ABC National sent out an action alert to members highlighting critical priorities to include in the next COVID-19 relief package currently being negotiated in Congress. ABC has previously sent letters to Congressional leadership and rank and file members of Congress on these important issues for the construction industry. Please click the link here to send the alert to your Representative and Senators.


Please note, yesterday’s email contained an improper link to one of the bills ABC is supporting, Jumpstarting Our Businesses’ Success Credit (JOBS Credit) Act (H.R. 6776). ABC was part of 129 organizations that signed a coalition letter in June in support of the bill. The link was to another bill (H.R. 6766) that ABC DOES NOT SUPPORT. The correct link has been added to the Action Center Website.


This is likely the last large package to address the pandemic ahead of the November elections, and ABC continues to advocate for critical policies that will support our members and the construction industry including tax deductibility for Paycheck Protection Program loans, limited liability protections for construction businesses operating during the pandemic, and the continuation, extension, and expansion of critical tax relief for businesses.


We expect the Senate GOP to release the legislative text of their proposal before the end of this week.