The Trump administration released its “Opening Up America Again” guidelines on Thursday, May 16. The guidance says that before states and employers move to phases of reopening, they first need to see evidence of a downward trajectory of documented cases and influenza-like illnesses within a 14-day period. It also says they need to see a robust testing program in place for at-risk healthcare workers, and the ability to treat all patients without crisis care. The document adds the recommendations are “implementable on statewide or county-by-county basis at governors’ discretion.”

The document also says the three-phase approach is “based on up-to-date data and readiness, mitigates risk of resurgence, and protects the most vulnerable.”

In a call with the Nation’s governors, President Trump added that the work of the federal and state governments helped curb the potential death toll, which he said was at 2.2 million in the initial estimates. “Nobody has to hang their head, because you’ve all worked really hard and we have made the best out of a horrible situation and I’m very proud to have worked with you and we’re going to continue to work together.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said his state will reopen “in phases,” starting May 1. “I am an optimist and am confident that Ohioans will also live up to the challenge of doing things differently as we open back up beginning on May 1st,” DeWine Tweeted.