The Ohio State University’s Construction Systems Management program is actively seeking to create 2023/2024 mentor-mentee pairings, and they are looking for industry volunteers for mentors.

From the program’s Industry Advisory Committee:

  • Plan to meet with students at a minimum 3-4x through the school year.  You may meet more often if you and your mentee prefer.
  • This is strictly a professional mentorship; students should not assume a co-op or internship is to follow.  But if you/your company would like to approach them for such positions use this opportunity.
  • Students are expected to take the initiative and reach out to you, but you may need to encourage them initially.
  • Suggested topics to cover through the year:
    • Site visits
    • What your typical day looks like
    • Potential career paths
    • Resume review
    • Office visits
    • Interview prep
    • Explore and meet other roles in your company.
  • This year we are offering a virtual mentorship to 1st and 2nd year students who do not have access to vehicles, which also opens up the opportunity for mentors who are not located in Central Ohio to participate.
  • A kickoff meeting with mentors and mentees will be taking place the week of November 6th on west campus.  Date and time is TBD to work around student classes as best as possible.
  • Each year we have approximately 20 – 25 students, our goal for the year is 25 pairings.
  • If there is someone in the industry or within your company who may be interested in participating as a mentor, please feel free to share.

If this opportunity interests you, please sign up through the following link by Friday, October 20th: