Dear ABC Central Ohio Members,

ABC National is a member of the Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC), which has been working diligently to provide coalition members with jobsite safety information on COVID-19, including the development of the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan for Construction.

As a group, CISC member organizations decided to support COVID-19 Safety Stand-down events nationwide by asking individual employers to talk directly to workers about coronavirus safe work practices and protocols on construction jobsites.

ABC National has decided to host COVID-19 Safety Stand-downs on Thursday, April 23.

A safety stand-down is a vital opportunity to persuade employers and workers in construction to ensure their behavior keeps them safe and slows the spread of the virus, especially since many jurisdictions are allowing construction work to continue.  ABC Central Ohio supports this effort and we encourage our member’s participation.

Toolbox talks and suggestions for hosting and promoting a COVID-19 Safety Stand-down can be found here, or you can use other resources that your company may have developed. In addition, everyone should emphasize that the stand-down can be held digitally simply by distributing the materials via text or email message. If they are held in person, social distancing guidance should be strictly followed (i.e., avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people; participants must remain at least six feet apart).

Finally, we would like to encourage everyone to use the same hashtags, #COVID19SafetyStandDown and #CentralOhioSafetyStandDown, for sharing stories and photos on social media, as it will be beneficial for the entire construction industry to spread awareness of our stand-down efforts on social media.


Barton Hacker