Columbus City Councilmember Rob Dorans will convene a hearing this evening on ordinance 1802-2020 regarding “wage theft” in the City of Columbus. A draft copy of this ordinance can be found HERE

According to Dorans, the ordinance is targeted at companies that receive city contracts, financial incentives, permits, licenses, and other benefits. It requires companies to provide proof that independent contractors are properly classified and that instances where they are not will be considered wage theft and payroll fraud. Oversight will be by a five-person commission with a full-time employee. Companies found to be in violation of the ordinance will be barred from working on City of Columbus projects.

ABC Central Ohio believes this legislation provides delegated police powers that Unions can use against Open-Shop contractors, thereby clearing the way for Union-only contractors to work throughout the city. ABC Central Ohio president Barton Hacker will provide public testimony at this evening’s hearing. Legal options are being investigated should the Columbus City Council opt to pass this ordinance into law.

The hearing can be viewed live on the CTV website or on Spectrum, Channel 1024; WOW, Channel 3 and AT&T U-verse, Channel 99. It will also be posted to the City of Columbus YouTube channel for viewers unable to attend the live hearing.