ABC member electrical contractors and firms performing construction work related to Electric Vehicle charging stations need to be aware of efforts by the Biden administration to push this work towards union labor and unionized contractors. The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration announced a NPRM for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program that mandates government-registered apprenticeship requirements and the controversial IBEW-backed Electric Vehicle Industry Training Program, but also provides states an alternative for programs that provide EV-specific training. ABC will be providing additional analysis and information to ABC members and industry and government stakeholders, but the language in question is on page 36 and page 70 of the NPRM. For background purposes, this February 2, 2022 ABC Newsline article contains an ABC comment letter filed in response to the FHWA’s Request For Information about the NEVI program earlier this year, in which ABC raised concerns about EVITP and registered apprenticeship requirements on EV charging station installations receiving NEVI money.  ABC will be investigating this with members and will comment on the NPRM within the 60-day comment period likely closing in mid-August. If you know of members who perform EV charging station work currently, or would like to get into this marketplace, please reach out to Michael Altman ( and Ben Brubeck ( This may also be an opportunity for ABC chapter workforce development efforts and registered apprenticeship programs specific to electrical trades.