The ABC Central Ohio Board of Directors provides the leadership, adopts policies and represents the interests of the organization on behalf of the entire membership. As the policy-making arm of the association, the Board of Directors approves the Operating Budget for the association, receives reports from the various association Committees and acts on their recommendations, and ensures that the overall goals and objectives of the association are being met.

This is an opportunity to act on behalf of the association.

Board members are elected because they are leaders who are willing to push the association to action. Board members are effective, objective leaders who want the association to succeed. Thus, Board members are willing to lend their expertise to develop creative solutions to the opportunities that challenge the chapter.

Members of the Board of Directors who attend Board meetings and who are active on Committees find the greatest rewards from membership. Your support of the programs and activities of ABC Central Ohio is critical to our success as the leading proponent of Merit Shop in Ohio.

To express interest in serving on the ABC Central Ohio Board of Directors, please fill out the Board Candidate Form and submit it to