ABC’s vice president of regulatory, labor and state affairs did a radio tour last week during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. Speaking with The Epoch Times from the convention floor, he discussed the advantages of a career in the construction trades. Brubeck also discussed project labor agreements and prevailing wage issues in four additional interviews.

On CPAC’s radio row, Brubeck also spoke with:

The Epoch Times, “Why Trade School is a Better Bet”
• Jeff Katz with WRVA 1140 a.m., “Live from D.C. with Ben Brubeck”
• WRFH/Radio Free Hillsdale, “CPAC: 2019: Ben Brubeck”
• The Chad Adam’s Show, “Interview with Ben Brubeck” (interview starts at 2:08:45)
• The LangerCast, “168: CPAC 2019 Day 2” (interview starts at 18:00)