Ahead of today’s vote in the House on the ABC-opposed House Democrats’ Infrastructure bill, the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2), ABC asks members to take action to urge their representatives to vote against H.R. 2. This Action alert references the key vote letter that ABC sent to the House of Representatives in opposition to the final passage of H.R. 2. The letter details many of the harmful provisions, including those that would expand discriminatory government-mandated project labor agreements, apply flawed and inflationary Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements and fail to recognize the widespread success of industry-recognized apprenticeship programs.

Additionally, ABC sent a key vote letter to members of Congress in support of an amendment introduced by Dr. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) that would eliminate the bill’s expansion of Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements. The amendment failed to be adopted before the final passage of H.R. 2.

While ABC expressed support for increased funding for infrastructure programs, ABC called for the path forward on infrastructure to be rooted in fair and open competition and equal opportunity — not mandates that would leave Americans out of the opportunity to rebuild their communities.