ABC Central Ohio will be expanding its training partnership with its sister chapter in Wisconsin to offer Management Education programs under the “Construction U” brand. The ABC of Wisconsin Chapter has been doing this successfully for the past five years, with offerings that range from one-day programs to up to a year. Since switching to virtual programing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 500 participants have been trained since May and the evaluations have been very positive.

The virtual programs are offered in a modular format, with four to six modules per program. This is roughly the equivalent of a one-day in-person class. Existing programs include:

Two programs are already scheduled for January 2021.  Beginning January 18th a 4-module Critical Skills® program will be offered. This is soft skills training program that has been done in-person for more than five years, reformatted as a virtual program. The second is a 6-module Planning & Execution Bootcamp that begins on January 19. A promotional video for this can be viewed here.

Informational fliers for both January programs are attached. Should you have any questions about these, please contact Barton Hacker