ABC of Central Ohio president Barton Hacker provided public testimony at Wednesday evening’s Columbus City Council hearing in opposition to ordinance 1802-2020 “wage theft”.

“Simply put” said Hacker, “this proposed ordinance is excessive regulatory overreach, it’s poorly written, and it’s largely illegal. It is an invitation to multiple lawsuits from a myriad of businesses, contractors, associations and individuals who will be denied their rights to operate and work within the City of Columbus through the anticipated arbitrary enforcement of its provisions.”

As presented, this ordinance, interferes with a company’s right to privately contract with each other in scenarios where the City of Columbus is tangentially involved; effectively bans larger groups of private entities from working within the City; and, permits taxpayer money and resources to discredit and attempt to prohibit open shop contractors and employees from working on City projects.

ABC Central Ohio believes this legislation provides delegated oversight powers that can used against Open-Shop contractors, thereby clearing the way for Union-only contractors to work throughout the city. Legal options are being investigated should the Columbus City Council opt to pass this ordinance into law.

Full Testimony Here