Over the last few years, almost every aspect of the workplace has changed. Employers continue to face challenges that have persisted since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic while being forced to respond to new ones. Today’s labor market is forcing employers to do everything possible to attract and retain workers. Rising inflation and labor shortages are pressuring employers to respond to employee demands. Some employers have responded by offering additional benefits focused on employee physical and mental health, financial security and work-life balance to better support their workforce.
While some employers have responded to these challenges by attempting to meet employee demands, it’s no surprise that most employers are struggling in 2022. With the current labor market, employers are being forced to address labor shortages, rising health care costs, and strained employee health and mental well-being while knowing their organizational budgets may not be sufficient to cover labor and workers’ benefits costs through the remainder of the year. Understanding the latest benefits trends can help employers evaluate their offerings to best meet employee needs and give them a leg up on the competition. Proactively responding to these trends can help keep employees happy, healthy and loyal.
This article explores benefit trends to watch in the second half of 2022, discusses how they will likely impact employers and offers strategies to best address them
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